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Uniquely Human the Podcast
Featuring Dr. Pamela Wolfberg   
A Discussion on the Vital Importance of Play

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State-of-the-Art IPG Programs

Our international partner Friend 2 Friend Social Learning Society in Vancouver, B.C. Canada combines their Autism Demystification ModelĀ® with the IPG model, delivering inclusive programs in their play centres and online. They are the creators of the Unbox & Play Online and Role Playing Online play groups. Visit:friend2friendsociety.org

Autism Shelter-and-Play Project

Dedicated to sharing accessible online resources to engage autistic children in joyful and creative social experiences while sheltering-in-place during the corona pandemic. Features projects created by SFSU students and links to related resources. Get ready to have fun ASAP!  Check it out here and on FB @autismshelterandplay

Inspired Online Creative Classes

Virtual clubhouse for neurodiverse tweens and teens, featuring online creative classes to promote academic, socio-emotional and cultural literacy. Programs include Dandelion Drama, Global Mystery Adventures, Journey to the Center of the Brain, Family Clubhouse and Global Ambassador program. Visit: dandelionclubhouse.com

Autism Language & Learning
in Inclusive Educational Settings

IPG programs are being offered in collaboration with the San Francisco Public Schools as a part of Project ALLIES, a San Francisco State University federally funded grant focused on interdisciplinary preparation of Special Educators and Speech Language Pathologists in service to diverse learners on the autism spectrum.Visit: autism.sfsu.edu

Social inclusion, play and creative expression are universal human rights